Carpet and carpet tiles
Carpet and carpet tiles

Enia Tiled and Roll Carpet flooring solutions make it possible to create functional, modern and cosy workingenvironments with a wide varierty of model and color options that are available. Enia gets together features of durability against heavy traffic, hygiene, resistance against fire, integrity, acustic peformance and walking comfort with aestehtic values and quality.

APPLICATION AREAS: Enia Tiled and roll Carpets are used in all modern Office areas, banks, finance institutions, general directorates, governmental offices, shopping centers, airports, shops, exhibition halls, libraries, hotels, casinos, hospital management floors.

Choose from a wide range of products below:

If you are thinking in their choice of sports for you flooring ask for additional information, inquire or contact us.

Internal flooring

Sports flooring for school gymnasiums, kindergartens, sports halls, fitness centers, city halls, sports clubs, training centers and others.

External flooring

For the outdoor tennis courts, football, volleyball and basketball sports grounds, multifunctional sports grounds, stadiums, school yards and playgrounds.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass sports fields for football, tennis courts, hockey, rugby, skiing, football training pitches, multi-purpose sports grounds.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring for various sports such as football, mini soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, heavy athletics, athletics.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl (PVC) flooring, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, offices, business buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops and others.