Developing and only on floors, for maximum precision and competence in service to their customers. Since 2008. Year Max Sports' representative in Bulgaria is the world leader in manufacturing of PVC vinyl flooring "Tarkett" - France, one of the top three - large global companies producing professional, sports, luxury residential and public floors. Max Sport "LTD on the Bulgarian market a wide range of PVC vinyl flooring suitable for: public buildings, schools, kindergartens, offices, commercial buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, hospitals and others. Company paid special attention to the quality of construction works - we have installation teams consist of experienced people certified and certified for laying vinyl flooring "Tarkett Academy".
The company maintains a large stock of: homogeneous, heterogeneous vinyl flooring rolls and plates from various collections, which can satisfy the most - demanding customers.

Over the years, "Maks Sport Ltd has won its part of many partners, architects and clients from different fields of activity.

Some of them are:

Vinyl flooring and carpet

    • Office Building Valko Commerce Ltd. - carpet tiles - luxury vinyl strips Tarkett
    • Hotel Panorama by k-Panichishte - carpet and carpet tiles - vinyl flooring Tarkett
    • New Kindergarten Building N: 146 - square Gorna Bania, Sofia - Tarkett vinyl flooring
    • New Kindergarten Building N: 41 - square Obelia Sofia - Tarkett vinyl flooring
    • Nova kindergarten building N: 114 "Fireflies" - square Svetovrachene - Tarkett vinyl flooring
    • Panda co-op - Office 1 Superstore - Tarkett luxury carpet tiles
    • Your Bank - Sofia headquarters - luxury vinyl flooring strips
    • Bulbank - Sofia - carpet tiles in DOMO
    • Austrian chain drugstores - "DM Bulgaria - Tarkett vinyl flooring
    • Office of the design house "NIDO" - luxury vinyl rattan
    • Business Park - Sofia - carpet tiles in DOMO
    • Disco Sin City - Sofia - luxury vinyl flooring strips
    • Disco Sin City - Sandanski, luxury vinyl flooring strips
    • Luxury Restaurant MAII - Plovdiv - vinyl flooring
    • Chain stores New Yorker - MAII - Plovdiv and Sofia-Tarkett vinyl flooring
    • Private School - Italian School - Gorna Banya - vinyl flooring GraboPlast

Electrically conductive and antistatic flooring for Hospital and Health Facilities

    • Private Clinic Imaging Pro-Vita Sofia - Tarkett vinyl flooring
    • Laboratory Kateterizatsionna Second City Hospital - Sofia - paving slabs electrically Tarkett.
    • Private Clinic for abdominal surgery - Vidin - conductive flooring Tarkett
    • Hospital Trust - Sheep Fonts
    • Alexandrovska Hospital - Sofia - vinyl flooring
    • X-Division Second City Hospital - current pavement slabs
    • Military Medical Academy - Sofia - rubber flooring PrialPas
    • Military Medical Academy - Varna - vinyl flooring
    • Private Dental surgery Pleven - vinyl flooring
    • Private eye surgery clinic in Stara Zagora - conductive vinyl flooring Tarkett.
    • Many shops, offices, hotels, hospitals, kindergartens and schools - vinyl and carpet flooring Tarkett.

Tarkett is a unique partner, so we can offer practical solutions for all your floor.

CE Depend on our experience and professionalism!

Internal flooring

Sports flooring for school gymnasiums, kindergartens, sports halls, fitness centers, city halls, sports clubs, training centers and others.

External flooring

For the outdoor tennis courts, football, volleyball and basketball sports grounds, multifunctional sports grounds, stadiums, school yards and playgrounds.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass sports fields for football, tennis courts, hockey, rugby, skiing, football training pitches, multi-purpose sports grounds.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring for various sports such as football, mini soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, heavy athletics, athletics.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl (PVC) flooring, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, offices, business buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops and others.