Rubber sports flooring tiles and rolls

Каучукови спортни настилки на рола и плочи за тенис и мултиспорт

TruCourt - outdoor sports surfacing for tennis - ITF (category 1-Slow)

Prialpas OutSport e multifunctional outdoor sports surfacing for tennis, basketball, football and athletics. Made of natural rubber vulcanized with a special structure, enriched with minerals and pigments stabilized with colors, resistant to UV rays and weathering. Elastichnistta between the upper and lower layer provides optimum comfort, improves rebound the ball, reduces fatigue and protects players from travmi.Vanshnata nastolka sports is available in three thicknesses: 4 mm., 5mm.i 6 mm.

Priasport DD / layer / rubber flooring for indoor sports halls, created from natural and man-made tires. Priasport DD consists of a depreciable, cured top layer of 2 mm. and lower layer which is softer and creates an excellent ability zvukopoglashtatelna greater elasticity, absorb shocks and rebound the ball perfect. Depending on the application is available in different thickness: 4 mm. 6 mm., 8 mm.

Priasport HG is a rubber shock treated with multi-colored surface, designed for sports halls and areas that are subjected to intense traffic and high loads.

Central-colored rubber floor slabs of translucent issued monochromatic surface for sites with heavy traffic and extremely intense. Widely used in public and industrial buildings, road, rail and maritime transport.

Micropoint plus-rubber floors, with gently fluted, non-reflecting surface and three types of large colored granules. Suitable for walls. Applicable in schools, kindergartens and common rooms.

Prialock is a rubber shock treated with multi-colored surface type Priasport HG, delivered to samomontirashti through incorporation plates (type puzzle) does not glue. It is an ideal solution for areas that are subjected to heavy traffic, heavy loads, especially wet areas.

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Internal flooring

Sports flooring for school gymnasiums, kindergartens, sports halls, fitness centers, city halls, sports clubs, training centers and others.

External flooring

For the outdoor tennis courts, football, volleyball and basketball sports grounds, multifunctional sports grounds, stadiums, school yards and playgrounds.

Artificial grass

Artificial grass sports fields for football, tennis courts, hockey, rugby, skiing, football training pitches, multi-purpose sports grounds.

Rubber flooring

Rubber flooring for various sports such as football, mini soccer, basketball, volleyball, tennis, handball, heavy athletics, athletics.

Vinyl flooring

Vinyl (PVC) flooring, public buildings, schools, kindergartens, offices, business buildings, hospitals, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, shops and others.