Artificial grass for football and mini - football
Изкуственa тревa за футбол и мини-футбол

Today there is an alternative to natural grass - artificial grass carpet. They are preferred in many cases, since they can operate continuously all year round. While the natural grass turf is recommended not to operate more than 2 hours a day, then at this alternative product has no such restrictions. Another advantage is that unlike natural grass cover, this game possible seasons for the entire year, including winter. Furthermore, the maintenance of such coverage is very cheap and easy. It only has to be cleansed.

Domo sport grass-develops, manufactures and sells a wide range of artificial grass for sports purposes. Thanks to 25 years of experience and close collaboration with various companies Domo e poddarzha able to develop highly innovative products. Domo grass - operates in over 80 countries worldwide and boasts more than 30 million square meters installed artificial grass sports. Domo has the ability to maintain a constant update on each level of the production cycle. Domo continues to be a pioneer in sports proizvidstvoto artificial grass.

Domo of artificial grass is available in the form of rolled products, usually manufactured from polypropylene (PP), polyethylene (PE) or a combination of both. Its composition depends on the viability and sustainability of the coating. Volumes fibers simulating grass stalks vary in length and are woven into a highly elastic latex base. Artificial grass of Domo combine high durability protivopodhlazvashti properties, excellent rebound and even movement of the ball, and most importantly easy and inexpensive maintenance.

Champion S Pro and VarioSlide S Pro are 100% PP monofilament (monofilament) grass height 40-50-60 mm. and filled with quartz sand and rubber granules. These qualities are recognized by UEFA and FIFA for higher quality. Standards of FIFA soccer na * * * were successfully implemented. From this year offers a new generation of grass-Slide DS ..

Domo ® Slide DS - e with a new unique system of monofilament fibers. Slide DS is the top product with excellent quality and competitive price.

Artificial grass for football Domo ® Champion Ascari

newest generation of artificial turf Domo ® Champion Ascari

Without filling sand and granules


smell of rubber.

Domo ® Champion Ascari - is the latest generation artificial turf with new specially profiled fiber (yarn) 32 mm. NATURAL RESILIENCE SYSTEM, exclusively patented by Domo ® Grass - Belgium. The new artificial turf Champion Ascari allows players to practice and experience in - the technical and quality football in all weather conditions.
This grass is not filled with sand and granules , while it has all the advantages of previous generations of artificial grass and even shows better results in tests for wear and greater reliability.

advantages Champion Ascari

• Do not heat from the sun
Lack of filling rubber granules means that heat is much, much less, and does not retain heat in it. Specific sections of the grass also retain moisture better, which allows the ground to cool more natural.

• It is scattered throughout with rubber
Champion Ascari not filled with SBR granules, so the rubber grains are already final thing of the past.

• Odourless rubber
Champion Ascari not filled with rubber granules, so the smell of rubber it no more.

• Certificates
Domo ® Champion Ascari was tested on all major standards
• European standard EN 15330-1
• Swiss standard ESSM105D

Request more information Domo ® Champion Ascari , making a request or contact us.

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