Artificial grass ski - DOMO ® Ski Montblanc
Изкуствена трева за ски - DOMO® Ski Montblanc

DOMO® Sports Grass offers a unique SKIING concept. When creating a ski run, special attention has to be paid to the design of the course, a varied piste with specific characteristics is crucial and will attract skiers wanting to improve their skiing skills. Attractions such as a quarter pipe, half pipe, rail slide, jumps, fun park, etc, certainly provide added value. The DOMO® ski concept enables ski runs to be created with different degrees of difficulty.

DOMO® Ski Montblanc is a revolutionary skiing concept, which, thanks to its unique fibre structure, provides a very natural looking, hardwearing and high quality product from a technical skiing point of view. The DOMO® R&D department has developed a strong, soft and elastic fibre that is extraordinarily hardwearing.

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