Professional sports games for handball in Panagyurishte




Sport Max completed in the shortest time with the construction of professional sports games for handball which will be played by national and international tournaments. The opening private Panagyurishte mayor urged the new owners and future national handball player to operate the new sports facility.

In the opening day start, and the National Handball Championship for girls under 12 years. Traditionally, the tournament was inaugurated with a match between host and Panagyurishte team CSKA.

The new course is laid drainage, fencing sport and professional sports artificial turf for handball.

Folk Club Mega Dance Center - flooring in the restaurant is a natural linoleum and carpet luxury

In a typical coupon chalga open a new folk club in Studentski Grad. The restaurant carries name loud Mega Dance Center and honor to sing it first in the winner receives a trophy Awards TV Planeta Galena. Organizers, however, that until the last moment were on the edge that will succeed in arranging the furniture and loading tables with drinks, failed to meet his guests very carefully and provided them with a genuine and unique experience.
Folk Big Red made a real sensation of the assembled hundreds of fans and VIP - personas. Among the official guests stood out singers Bonnie, Sofi Marinova, Eric, and Theodora. Special VIP table housed several crowned Miss Bulgaria, led by Antonia was Petrova.Galena all night is full with strange white drink, unprecedented in our country. It turned out that this is coconut juice in which Hollywood stars are crazy and that the singer owes its perfect appearance. Unique and different atmosphere, perfect sound, spacious and coziness might have its influence to be one of the favorite places for entertainment in the night life of Sofia. Pavement at the disco is a natural linoleum and carpet in luxurious VIP lounges. All were delivered and installed by the Max Sport Ltd.


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